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The map view within the CartonCloud mobile apps is a powerful tool to not only provide the location and type / status of consignments in one easy glance but also to optimize a driver's route.


Consignments within the driver's consignment list are represented by pins on the map view.

Pin Locations

A pin's location is determined by a consignment's geo location (coordinates) as defined by its delivery or pickup address within the CartonCloud web app.

Pin Colours

The colour of a pin on the map varies depending on the type of consignment and the current status of the consignment.

Please check out this article with detailed information on how consignment types and statuses are represented by pin colours: Consignment Status Colours

Pin Numbers

The numbers displayed on the consignments pin represent the order of the consignments in the sorted list view, with the number 1 corresponding to the first position in the list view. On Point to Point consignments, the second number (shown in brackets) highlights which stage of the Point to Point consignment the pin represents.

Consignment Information & Link Through

On tapping a pin, a info "bubble" with more information about the consignment will be displayed. This bubble can be dismissed by tapping anywhere else on the screen. Should you want to continue to the consignment's Detail View, simply tap on the info bubble and you will be directed to this view.

Consignments Without Geo Location

If no valid geo location has been provided for a consignment, no pin can be displayed for it on the map. To highlight the fact that one of the consignments is not represented by a pin, an icon (crossed out pin) at the bottom of the map view will be displayed, including a count of how many consignments are affected. Similarly, the same icon will also be displayed in the consignment's row within the sectioned list view.

Current Location

Should you want to focus the map on your current location, select the corresponding button at the bottom of the map view.

Route Optimization

Please check out this article with detailed information on how route optimization works in the CartonCloud mobile apps: Route Optimisation

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