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A driver wants to lodge an error against an individual consignment within an address group (which has been automatically created in the CartonCloud mobile app). After lodging an error they want to record a POD against the consignments in the address group.


  1. Lodge An Error Against An Individual Consignment In Address Group.

    1.1 Address group created by the CartonCloud mobile app, containing all individual consignments going to the same address.

    1.2 Open address group to see individual consignments by tapping the number button on the right hand side of the address group.

    1.3 Opened address group with individual consignments visible.

    1.4 Tap the consignment you want to lodge an error against.

    1.5 Select "Lodge Error" button from the top bar and continue with lodging an error.

    1.6 Returning to the list view after lodging an error, the error consignment is now highlighted in purple.

  2. OPTION 1: Record a POD for all consignments in address group, including error consignment.

    2.1 a) Swipe from right to left on address group to show "Record POD" button. Tap this button to continue to Record POD view for all consignments in address group. 

    2.1 b) OR tap address group and then select the "Record POD" button in the top bar.

    2.3 Record POD view.

  3. OPTION 2: Record a POD for all consignments in address group, apart from error consignment.

    3.1 To hide error consignments from list, select Filter button in top bar, which will open the Filter view which shows an option for showing/hiding error consignments.

    3.2 Select the green error consignments button to change it to grey which will hide error consignments. Press "Apply" to apply changes. These changes will be saved across the app and will persist, i.e. if you always want to hide error consignments you only have to change this setting once.

    3.3 The address group in the list view will no longer show the error consignment. Continue as per "2. OPTION 1" to record a POD for the address group.

  4. OPTION 3: Manually choose for which consignments you want to record a POD.

    4.1 Select Group button from top bar.

    4.2 You are now able to manually select which consignments you would like to record a POD for. Selected consignments will be highlighted in blue.

    4.3 Select "Group" button to continue to Detail page for consignment group.

    4.4 Select "Record POD" in top bar and proceed as normal to record a POD.

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