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List of Standard and Specific Parsers including templates and example files

Standard Parsers

Parser NameParser TypeParser ClassBrief Description of how it works (what can be modified, use of Custom Fields etc)File Types AcceptedTemplate

Standard Purchase Order Template

File Label = standard_purchase_order

Purchase OrderPOTemplateParser

Standard Purchase Order Template - CSV

File Label = standard_purchase_order_csv

Purchase Order


Standard Sale Order Template

File Label = standard_sale_order

Sale OrderSOTemplateParser

Standard Sale Order Template including Custom Fields

File Label = standard_sale_order_custom_fields

Sale OrderSale OrderThis parser includes the option to import data for Purchase Order Product Custom Fields (10).xls

Standard Sale Order CSV Template

File Label = standard_sale_order_csv

Sale Order

Note, this parser can also be implemented via bolts:


Standard Manifest Template

File Label = standard_manifest

Manifest ParserManifestTemplateParser

Standard Manifest CSV Template

File Label = standard_manifest_csv

Manifest ParserCSVManifestTemplateParser

Stock Import Parser

File Label = stock_import

Stock ImportStockImportParser

Bulk Product Import Parser

File Label = bulk_product_import

Product ImportProductImportParser

ALL FILES REPOSITORY - upload files here and label them according to file label per section to make them display in the right place.

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  1. Need to add classname for STD parsers