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Typically, Invoices are created at the end of each week for the previous weeks work. This process works well, however it means you may get hit with a bunch of Charge Errors to resolve on a Monday Morning, rather than spreading the load throughout the week.

Leeching Invoices were designed to address this issue, so rather than build the invoices from 0% to 100% at the very end of the week, the Invoices continually build throughout the week, "Leeching" in all Consignments, Sale Orders, Purchase Orders and Storage charges. Then, at the end of the week they're converted over from "Leeching" to "Draft".

This means that each day as more Consignments are added to the Invoices, you can easily resolve those Charge Errors, spreading out the work throughout the week rather than leaving it all to handle on Monday.

How to enable automatic leeching invoices:

(please note, currently this cannot be done in Bulk. If you require this, please contact us and we'll shift all your customers over to operate like this).

Simple go to one of your Customers, click "Edit", and then go to the "Invoice/Details" tab.
From there, set the "Automatically Generate Invoice" option to "Yes - Continually build during the Invoice Period (Leeching Invoice)

Once this has been setup you'll be able to keep on top of your Invoices that require Charge Errors to be resolved on a daily basis

Now, that certainly takes the load off Monday's huh?