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There are two ways of printing labels within CartonCloud, as an export to PDF, or direct printing to a Zebra Printer via CartonCloud Connect

If you require printing directly from an iPad, or other mobile device, CartonCloud Connect is required.

Printing to PDF

All labels can be exported to PDF from within CartonCloud. The labels simply download to your computer and you can then open the file and print using your operating systems print dialogue.
This method is extremely simple to setup, however it is not as seemless / fast as CartonCloud Connect Zebra Printing. It also cannot be performed from mobile devices such as mobile phones or iPads. 

When printing to PDF there are two different ways to generate the labels, either as 4-per-page (suitable for printing to A4), or single-label-per-page (suitable for printing to a label printer).

You can configure the way that labels are generated on a per-customer basis from within their settings:
Customers → Edit Customer → Transport Management → Defaults (then scroll down)

Direct Printing to a Zebra Printer (via CartonCloud Connect)

Please refer to instruction on the page Printing for details on CartonCloud Connect, for this to work you need a Zebra Printer which is capable of handling the ZPL language.

Recommended Printers:

Labels Printed / day

Recommended PrinterApprox Retail Price (AUD)
< 100Zebra GK420D$1040
100 - 500Zebra ZT230$1950
> 500Zebra ZT400$2730

If you need your zebra printer to be setup for direct printing, please contact us.

Label Size

For Pallet Labels, Consignment labels it is currently 100x150mm Direct Thermal labels compatible with printers mentioned before. (This can be 101x149mm too sometimes).

Wave Picking labels and Product labels are a different size.

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