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With CartonCloud. you can automate invoicing entirely.

Once fully connected, CartonCloud can calculate all your rates (both TMS and WMS), construct an invoice, send it to your accounting system (Xero and MYOB), and email the customer all in one step.

Table of contents:

Getting Started


The quickest and easiest way to get up and running with invoicing is to watch our webinar on the topic. This covers the basics of how charges and invoices work within CartonCloud, all the way through to connecting your accounting platform, creating an invoice and even emailing it to the client. You can access our other webinars from: Webinar Video Recordings

Pro Tip: Increase playback speed to 1.25x

2.5 - Charging and Invoices

00:00 - Webinar Overview
01:52 - Customer Charges - Overview + Creation 
29:20 - Invoice Settings (Organisation Settings) 
32:50 - Connecting to Xero 
35:35 - Connecting Customers to Xero 
39:44 - Creating an Invoice 
46:05 - Charge Error + Resolution 
49:46 - Invoice Summary 
52:20 - Uploading an Invoice to Xero 
55:32 - Example of the Invoice Email to a Customer

Individual Topics

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