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CartonCloud Intelligently handles Pallet Quantities (and preventing breaking pallets where possible). It does this by providing additional Stock Selection logic, and also implementing the Stock Sub-Selection Method

  1. Look for locations which contain exactly the quantity required.
  2. If the ordered quantity is one pallet load, prioritise full pallets (avoid building pallets up from part pallets)
  3. If the ordered quantity is less than one pallet load, prioritise stocks which are part pallets (to avoid breaking up full pallets)
  4. If the Stock Sub-Selection Method is "Minimise Picks", then prioritise locations with enough stock to fulfil the order (avoid using multiple locations where possible)

Strict Mode also has an effect on Pallet Handling. If Strict Mode is enabled then FEFO / FIFO / LIFO will be enforced even if it causes splitting of full pallets, or picking from part-pallets to build full pallets.

If Strict Mode is disabled, CartonCloud will break part-pallets and full-pallets into two groups. If it is looking for full-pallet quantities then it will search through all the full-pallets in FEFO / FIFO / LIFO order. Only if no full pallets exist will it revert to picking from part-pallets in FEFO / FIFO / LIFO order. If part-pallet stocks are being searched, it will first look through all part-pallet quantities in FEFO / FIFO / LIFO order before going onto full pallet quantities. This creates better efficiency in the picking, however it means that stock is not strictly FEFO / FIFO / LIFO. 

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