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The following PDF diagram shows how the Income and Expense Charges are calculated within CartonCloud.

One key feature of the Delivery Zones which is little-known is that Delivery Zones may be created which are Customer-Specific.
This means that you can create the following configuration:

For your specific Customer, “Fred’s Fruit”:
4220- Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast, QLD) –> Outer Rate Zone

For everyone else:
4220- Burleigh Heads (Gold Coast, QLD) –> Metro Rate Zone

The order by which the system will select which Delivery Zone to use (and therefore Rate Zone), is as follows:

  1. Match of Specific Customer, Suburb and Postcode
  2. Match of Suburb and Postcode
  3. Match of Specific Customer and Postcode*
  4. Match of Postcode*

* – IMPORTANT! If multiple entries exist for the Specific Customer and Postcode, then the system will choose whichever Delivery Zone it finds first with the particular postcode. This means if a postcode is split between two different Rate Zones, it’s not obvious which of the Rate Zones you’ll end up with. (The system will always return whichever Delivery Zone has the lowest id).

Address to Rate Zone Mapping (A2RZ) contains its own logic on how Rates are selected, please refer to the diagram here


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