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There are many different errors which may appear when a user is attempting to delete a Purchase Order.

"Purchase Order contains Products which are associated with Packed Sale Orders"

This error indicates that there are Purchase Order Products associated with the Purchase Order which are still linked to a Sale Order in Packed or Dispatched status, even when the Purchase Order Product has the same Initial/Onhand/Free quantity.

The error is caused through the following steps:

  1. A Sale Order takes stock from an allocated Purchase Order
  2. The Sale Order is Packed/Dispatched
  3. A product on the Sale Order is edited / deleted creating a post-pack correction, putting the stock back onto the Purchase Order Product record, but still maintaining a link as to what "should" have been picked.

As the link between Sale Order and Purchase Order still exists, this prevents the Purchase Order from being deleted.

How to Resolve:

This error can be resolved by removing the link between Sale Order and Purchase Order. Note, if you have multiple affected Sale Order Products, you'll need to repeat these steps for each affected Sale Order:

  1. Using the links provided, navigate to the affected Sale Order Product record. ← Insert a screenshot!
  2. From here, use the link to get to the associated Sale Order ← Screenshot
  3. Revert the status of the Sale Order to "Awaiting Pick and Pack" ← Screenshot

When the status is reverted, all post-pack corrections are removed from the order, removing the link to the Purchase Order. You can now delete the Purchase Order.

You can also mark the order as packed in one-step using this button: 

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