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What is a Parser, anyway?

A 'Parser' is is simply a file reader; a piece of software which reads files in order import them into the CartonCloud system.

When someone sends an excel spreadsheet (or other supported file) to CartonCloud, the data is read and extracted using a Parser specific to the particular file type and format. For example, you may have 5 customers which all send in Manifests in the same format - these would all be read by one parser. Another customer may send in a CSV file in a totally different format, this file would be read with another parser.

To setup automatic reading of a file emailed by one of your customers, there are two key steps:

  1. Adding the correct Parser to the customer (tell the system what it is reading so the right actions are taken)
  2. Configuring allowed email addresses to use the Parser (tell the system what to do when it receives and email from a specific customer)

Adding the Parser to the customer

Customer accounts need to be linked to Parsers - so the customers can use them.

Start by clicking on Contacts \ Customers

Then either search for the customer you want to configure, or simply use the All tab to see a list and scroll through.

Select the customer you are working with and select 'Edit'.

You are now in the 'Edit Customer' page. To work with Parsers select the Parser Tab

We now need to add the new Parser via the 'Add Parser to Customer' option.

Select the Parser you are adding for this customer.

Click the 'Add' button; The Parser is now associated with the customer.

Configuring allowed email addresses to use the Parser

Now you need to configure which email addresses are allowed to send parser emails to CartonCloud. The system uses this to determine which customer the data should be loaded into as layer of security relating to imported data.

First add the email address that the customer will be sending FROM.

From within the 'Edit Customer' Screen select 'Email' and then Addresses'.

Enter the new email address and then click "Add new email". 

'Edit Customer Email' screen will display. From here you can configure outgoing notifications(refer Admin Notification Emails) and customise what parsers are linking.

Select the check box to enable your new parser and save.

Wildcard Emails

If you need to allow email from every email address at a customer then setting up a wildcard email address is possible.

To create a wildcard email, you simply use the * key, for example: *

Would allow mail from:

Alternate configuration methods: Configuring customers and emails from within the Parser itself

Another method of setting the configuration of customers that can use a parser and the individual emails is via the Parser itself. Configuring Parsers for Customers

Go to the Parsers screen 'MORE \ SITE MAP \ PARSERS or type "Parsers" in the 'Search for anything' box.

Click on VIEW to the right of the parser you wish to edit

You can then add Customers to the Parser (one at a time) and you can also see what email addresses are allowed.  Click the Customers Name to go to the Customer Card and follow the procedure above to add/edit email addresses

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