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Within CartonCloud, 'Driver' level access is used for anyone using the mobile app to complete deliveries and to login to the Web App to view their Consignments and Run Sheets

Creating a New Driver

For a detailed explanation on how to create a new Driver click here

Viewing Drivers

To view a current list of all active drivers within your tenancy; from your Dashboard select Contacts>Drivers

Drivers Page Explained

Viewing Driver

Selecting a Driver on your list will allow you to view jobs within CartonCloud linked to that driver;

Driver TabsExplanation
DetailsHigh level overview on the driver
DeliveriesAll run sheets that have been allocated to the driver
Cash On DeliveriesLink to view all COD's that have been collected by the driver
ConsignmentsAll UNDELIVERED consignments that have been allocated to the driver
MapMap view of all pending consignments for the driver. You can also optimize the route here
Location HistoryNot yet supported
App HistoryCartonCloud admin function to pull historical app data

Links to further detailed reading

Please click on the links below for further information relating to this or follow the links via the menu on the left.

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