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Scan allocation enables allocation of consignments to drivers by simply scanning a Consignment Barcode, Con-Note QR code, or QR Code Overlay for Invoices. You can also use Consignment Reference numbers for allocation which is useful if you have Invoice paperwork from your clients that contains a barcode - simply scan the barcode on their invoice and the job will be allocated. Barcode numbers and Reference numbers can also be keyed into the system using the keyboard - simply press enter after each reference.

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How to perform Scan-Allocation

You can access the Scan Allocation screen by clicking Transport → Scan Allocation

Once there, select the Driver, Delivery Run, and Date you want to allocate the job to.
If you want to Unallocate jobs using the scan interface, set the Driver to "Remove / Unallocate".

As you scan Consignments into the "Scan Consignment Barcode" window, the allocation process is performed. You can see the result of the process above. Green means it was successful, Red means it was unsuccessful.
The Status provides information on exactly what was modified within each Consignment.

What's updated when you scan-allocate

SituationWhat Changes
Consignment was already deliveredConsignment is taken back from Delivered to "In Transit (Warehouse → Delivery)" status
Consignment was in "In Warehouse" statusConsignment is updated to "In Transit (Warehouse → Delivery)" status
If an existing Run Sheet for the Driver / Delivery Run / Date can be foundConsignment is allocated to the existing run sheet.
If no existing Run Sheet for the Driver / Delivery Run / DateA new Run Sheet is created

Troubleshooting Scanning Issues

To debug issues with scanning, please see: Troubleshooting Barcode Scanner (Web Application)

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