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Delivery Zones link Postcodes and Suburbs to Delivery Runs and Rate Zones. As Consignments contain addresses which have postcodes / suburbs, the postcode and suburb are looked up in the Delivery Zones list in order to work out which Delivery Run to allocate too, and also which Rate Zone to price using. 

Table of Contents

How Delivery Zones are used by Consignments

Accessing Delivery Zones

Delivery Zones are found by using the Search for Anything! (type: Delivery Zones) and also from the Organisation Settings.

You can also get straight to individual delivery zones within Search for Anything by typing:

DeliveryZone [whatever you want to search Delivery Zones for]

Note that there's no space in the word DeliveryZone, example:

Important Parts of Delivery Zones

  • Consists of a Suburb, Postcode and State combination
  • Can be used for all customers by default or defined to a particular customer → by repeating the same combination and adding a customer name condition too.
  • Delivery Zone is the link between a Consignment and Invoicing + Allocating.
  • Delivery Zone is searched for and the Rate Zone + Delivery Run loaded to the consignment on the new consignments creation or if the consignment is refreshed.
  • Delivery Zones can be not used in a simple setup, instead the Rate Zones and Delivery Runs can be manually added to a consignment, or they can be forced through customer settings, or the Delivery Run can define a Rate Zone for invoicing purposes.

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