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Use Search Anything → Delivery Runs to access. They can be added one at a time, edited or loaded in bulk via the Export/Import tools.

Delivery Runs are used to split / classify Consignments into geographic areas to make driver allocations easier.
For example, if Sydney may be split into 4 Delivery Runs, North-West, South-West, North-East and South-East.


Automated Delivery Run Selection

For a complete guide on how how Delivery Runs are selected automatically when Consignments are created, see: How Delivery Runs are Determined

Merging (Deleting) Delivery Runs

Be very careful. Merging Deliver Runs cannot be undone.

Delivery runs cannot be deleted directly because they're associated with other things such as Consignments and Delivery Zones.

Instead, the way to delete a Delivery Run is to "merge" it into another Delivery Run - This will update everything which was using the old Delivery Run and link it to the new (merged) delivery run instead.

To merge a delivery run simply go to the Details tab within the Delivery Run and click the "Merge Delivery Run" button:

Advanced Delivery Run Settings


Select whether the Delivery Run is operated by an onforwarder. For example, if you have a Delivery Run named TOLL for all the consignments you give to the freight company Toll for delivery, the run would be an Onforwarder Run.

Selecting this option causes two minor differences to Consignments allocated to the run.

  1. Given a Required Delivery Date in the future, CartonCloud will always set the "delivery run date" as soon as possible (rather than trying to allocate to a delivery run date as close to the required date as possible). It is setup this way because normally with Onforwarders its difficult to determine delivery times, hence delivering to the onforwarder as soon as possible is preferred.
  2. The consignment will not be automatically updated to "In Transit" if you have "Enable Auto In Transit" enabled within the organisation settings (Organisation Settings - Transport)

For additional information about Onforwarder functionality, see: Onforwarder Addresses

Final Consignment Delivery StatusWhen a consignment is "completed" within the Mobile App, or from the web interface, the Final Consignment Delivery Status will be used. This is useful for Delivery Runs which are "Pickup from Warehouse", as rather than showing they were "Delivered", they were actually "Collected".
Consignment Status when Delivered by AppIf the Delivery Run is operated by an onforwarder, but your drivers must deliver the stock to the Onforwarder, then you may want to modify the "Consignment Status when Delivered via App" to be "With On Forwarder". The "With On Forwarder" status is used to keep track of which deliveries have been given to the Onforwarder, but have not yet had a signed POD come back for - once the signed POD is returned, scanned and uploaded to CartonCloud the job closes and is marked "Delivered".
Rate ZoneThis setting can be used to override the Rate Zone for all Consignments allocated to the Delivery Run. This can be useful for Delivery Runs which are charged in a special way, such as Taxi jobs or After Hour Services. Those runs may be charged at a higher than normal rate. For more information on Rate Zones see: How Transport Rates are Calculated

(note: You must have "Onforwarder Addresses" enabled to see this option)

If Onforwarder Address Exists Charge for delivery to the Onforwarders Address (untick if you want to charge to the delivery location always)

This is a very powerful option when working with Onforwarder Addresses. Checking this box enables you to charge only to the Onforwarder rather than all the way to the delivery address. For more information on how/when to use this, checkout: Onforwarder Use Cases

Hide on unallocated deliver runs listThis is useful for runs such as Pickup Runs which you don't want to see on the "Unallocated Delivery Runs" list, especially if you're automatically allocating the run to a device using: Automatically allocate Consignments to Drivers from Delivery Runs
Manage SchedulesControl which days the Delivery Run operates. For more information see: Delivery Schedules (Addresses, Delivery Zones, Delivery Runs)
Address to Delivery Run Mapping / Link AddressesSee: Address to Delivery Run Mapping (A2DR)

Linking Delivery Run to Rate Zone

When creating the Delivery Run or after its been created by using the Edit Button, select a Rate Zone to link to the Delivery Run → this means that any Consignments allocated to this Delivery Run will use that Rate Zone for Charging. Change this to your specifc Rate Zone:

Allocating from Delivery Runs

If the Bulk Allocation process is not suitable, you are also able to allocate consignments to drivers via Delivery Runs. These can be useful when the operational areas are well defined and typically 1 or multiple are assigned completely to a driver. i.e. for courier type work delivery runs can have consignments moved to them physically allowing easy allocating and driver loading with nice separation in the depot or warehouse. To allocate a Delivery Run, click on the line that you want to allocate for more information. Note: on the main screen you can see volumes, change views to filter only Delivery Runs that are needed for allocating etc.

Now you are able to select consignments by clicking in the Select box to highlight what you want to allocate to a Driver, using Shift (to click the top consignment and holding shift then click a lower consignment to select everything in between), or Ctrl (to add random selections one at a time to the list of selections) to help with this process. Note the black floating box which shows what is selected to see volumes and more, assisting with the allocating process. 

Once you have the selection you want to allocate to a driver (typically all, by selecting the top consignment, holding shift and selecting the bottom consignment), now use the Move button to allocate to the driver creating Run Sheets as part of this allocation process.

Typically the consignments are sorted by the date they must be delivered (if a specific delivery date has been provided in the consignment creation) or the next date that the Delivery Run is scheduled to operate. Future dated consignments typically have no date assigned so they may be allocated when appropriate.

Also, there is a Map view in the tab indicated below, which can assist with map based allocating. Using the map allows you to select and deselect consignments in the list view shown above, so you can allocate by grouped areas, split delivery runs to different drivers easily via mapped areas etc. When selecting the consignments on the map view, they will highlight as selected in the above view too. Then follow the same process mentioned with the Move button to allocate the map selected consignments to drivers. Further information on how to use the Map view is found from Bulk Allocation map help, and also by accessing the Bulk Allocation screen and viewing the help information linked next to the map view. It shows controls, shortcuts etc.

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