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For each Customer, you can define a range of behaviours and actions with the Transport Management System (TMS)

You will find these settings here:

Contacts → Customers → Add/Search for a customer → Edit →Transport Management → Defaults


SettingDescriptionDefault Value
Manifest Import

There are a number of options here to determine what happens when you import manifests into CartonCloud:

  1. Automatically Group Consignments on Manifest Import (this will help when you are allocating consignments as you will only need to allocate once for the grouping)
  2. Allow Duplicate Manifests to Update Existing Consignments (only allowed if the manifest is under 24 hours old)
  3. On manifest import, ignore consignments with 0 cartons and 0 pallets (note: on "update existing" this will cause the consignment to be deleted)
  4. Default Consignment Product Type (if not specified in Manifest)

  1. Checked
  2. Unchecked
  3. Unchecked 
  4. General
Manifest Pickup
  1. Manifests Picked Up By Default
  2. Default Delivery Address
  3. Automatically create pickup consignment
  1. Yes
  2. Blank
  3. No
Cash On DeliveryAccept Cash on DeliveryNo
Delivery Run Dates
  1. Ignore Specified Delivery Run Date (allocate to next Scheduled Run Date always)
  2. When a Required Delivery Date is given, snap the delivery to the closest available scheduled date (if unchecked, consignment may get allocated to a date where the run isn't scheduled)
  1. Unchecked
  2. Unchecked
  1. PDF Label Page Type
    1. Field to be used as a quantity for number of Consignment labels to be printed
  1. A4 Page - up to 4 labels per page
  2. None
  1. When # Cartons / Pallets are Modified
  2. QR Code Overlay
  3. Number of copies to download per invoice and Connote
  4. Barcode Numbers
  1. Create An Unresolved Error
  2. Unchecked
  3. 1
  4. Unchecked
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