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This section describes how to manually create a Warehouse Purchase Order

Step-by-step guide

Select the Purchase Order Screen by Typing Purchase Orders in 'Search for anything' or from the Warehouse tab.

Select '+ Add Purchase Order.

Select your Storage Customer

Define the status of the receipt. 

In this example we will presume the product has not yet arrived at the inbound dock 'Not Yet Received'

As the product has not yet arrived enter the expected receipt date into the 'Arrival Date'

Create the Customer Reference (How the customer identify this group of incoming goods)

Add any relevant special instructions e.g. 'Loose container - create pallets of one Product Only'

Your Purchase Order is now created. Now we need to add the expected products to the Purchase Order; select the 'Products Tab'.

To add your first expected Product select '+ Add Product'

Select the incoming product.

Tell CartonCloud how many of this Product are expected. KEY NOTE: You must define the Unit Of Measure here related to the expected quantity.

Example: Product may be set up as units, Cases (being 10 units) and Pallets (being 100 units). To receive 100 units you can enter;

Pallet and quantity = 1 (1 x 100 units)

Cases = 10 (10 x 10 Units)

Units = 100

If the incoming product carries Expiry Dates AND the expiry date is not yet known set 'Expiry Date Known' to 'No' (This will be captured at the time of physical receipt of goods)

If the expiry date is known - enter it now. Otherwise, set this to 'No'.

Your first product is added. If you are expecting more products on this Purchase Order select 'Save and Add Another' (Product process above repeats). Else, select 'Save'.

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