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Before contacting Support, please first search our self-service help documentation on this Knowledge Base.

Our knowledge base provides detailed, yet easy to follow instructions on how to use the various parts of the CartonCloud system.


If your question is not resolved through our knowledge base, please contact us via our Service Desk (typical response within 4 hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri AEST).

There are two ways to contact CartonCloud Support:

  1. Head to our CartonCloud Knowledge Base
  2. Access the Knowledge Base through the CartonCloud web app using the  at the right hand side of your screen

Once you've arrived at the Knowledge Base follow the prompts →

Enter your username and password (please note, the Support Portal is a different system to CartonCloud and as such, your username and password may be different) →

Congratulations, you have now accessed our Support Portal!

You can use the search bar feature to type your question, where a list of related guides and how to pages will be displayed. 

If this does not solve your issue, you can use the options below (Technical Support, Report a Bug etc) to create a ticket for the Support Team to assist →

Please provide as much information on your ticket as you can, please see below examples of what information we require to make your experience a faster and effective one!

1) Summary of your issue

2) Description of what you were doing before the issue occurred, link from browser, customer, error message. All this information helps resolving your issue faster!

3) Attachment: screen shot of the screen you were using, error message are really helpful to our support team.

4) Create - your request will be received by our support team 

4) You will receive a receipt notification from us with your unique ticket number. To view your current support requests with us click HERE.

5) Please respond to support using your unique ticket number so this can be resolved more efficiently

Lastly but most importantly  **Our Feedback - When the ticket has been resolved you are asked to give us feedback**



When investigating an issue, on some occasions we are required to create a test order in your system so we can replicate and resolve the issue

We have a process in place that allows us to work in your tenancy with a test order only if the below process is followed:-

1) Support will contact you via email on the same ticket that you have raised your issue

2) Support will ask you for approval before proceeding with the test order

3) Once approved by the Tenant we will continue with our investigations

4) We will also advise the customer that the test order has been created / testing completed / issue resolved / deleted

N.B. Only email approval will be accepted to proceed

Navigating the Support Portal

Home Page

To return back to the home page, click on the  at the top left side of the screen

Support Requests

To access your tickets click  at the top right hand side of the screen

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