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As a consignment changes status within the CartonCloud mobile apps, this is highlighted by changing its background colour in both of the list views, as well as modifying its pin colour on the map view.

WhiteNormalWaiting for Action.

YellowPOD in OutboxPOD has been submitted but is still waiting in Outbox.

PurpleError LodgedAn error has been lodged for this consignment.

OrangePoint To Point Stage 1 (Pickup) CompletedThe consignment is a Point to Point consignment and the first stage (Pickup) has been completed

Map View Pin Colours

Consignments pins on the map view change colour depending on the consignment status in the same was as illustrated above for list views. Please note though that the standard consignment pin colour on the map view is red rather than white, while orange is being used for Pickup consignments. To distinguish a Pickup consignment in normal status from a Point To Point consignment, Point to Point consignments are displayed as "split" pins, showing them as containing both a Pickup and a Delivery stage with the pin numbers illustrating which stage of the Point to Point consignment the pin relates to - (1) or (2).

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