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When navigating from the transport menu to Consignments, you will be directed to the Consignments list view. This table view provides you with access to all consignments that have been created in CartonCloud.

There are a number of features in this view:


The consignment list contains a list of pre-defined filters that have been designed to allow you to quickly find consignments you are looking for based on a range of different conditions. Examples of these include Incomplete (not delivered), Unallocated (not been assigned to a runsheet and driver) and un-invoiced (not yet invoiced to your customer). 

It can be helpful if you have multiple monitors, to open these different views in different browser windows and have them on different monitors so that you can see what you need at the same time.

There is an additional tab, which allows you to set your own filters based on a range of different properties on the consignment called Filter. There is a basic and advanced option which enables more or less variables to be applied. 

Select the parameters you wish to filter your consignments and then click GO. Your filter will continue to apply even when you go to other screens in the application.

Adding & removing Columns

In the top right corner of the page you will see a cog icon, this controls what columns are visible in the consignment list. These will be saved and stored with your preference. Click on the Cog icon, select or deselect the columns you wish to view.

Here you will find additional fields which you can add and remove from the view. Please note that there are 3 different addresses. Pick up, Delivery and then Dynamic. The Dynamic address fields dynamically change on certain consignment types to reflect the status of the consignment and consignment type. i.e. Pick up consignment it will show the pick up address. Point to Point consignment it will show the pick up address until it has been picked up then it will show the delivery address.

Sorting Columns

To help with grouping and selecting multiple consignments to apply further actions, column sorting has been applied to some of the columns in the list. These are indicated by the up and down arrows beside the column headings. Click the column name once to sort A-Z, twice to sort Z-A or three times to reset to the default sort for the page.