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Consignment Grouping is when CartonCloud groups multiple 'Delivery' consignments to one 'Parent Consignment'. This can be helpful when you would like to charge multiple consignments as a group, rather than at the individual consignment level.

How to Group Consignments

Manifest Import

When importing a manifest file, CartonCloud will automatically group consignments going to the same address with the same requested delivery date. 

Consignment List View

From within the Web App, you can group consignments manually by selecting the consignments you wish to group and select 'Group Together';

These 2 jobs will now display as one on the Consignment List Screen. Groups can be distinguished by the red G next to the ID column.

Mobile App

Please visit this page for detailed reading on Consignment Grouping from within the Mobile App.

Viewing and Modifying Consignment Groups

To view and modify an existing Consignment Group, you will need to select on the 'Parent Consignment' from the Consignment List view. This will be flagged by the red 'G' as indicated above.

You can then access the group details by selecting the 'Group' tab;

From here you will be able to view the contributing consignments and also modify the group. You can modify by selecting 'Edit Group'. This will allow you to either remove the consignments or add additional consignments to the group.

Enable/Disable Consignment Grouping

If you wish to modify the settings around Consignment Grouping, you can do so by following the below steps;

Prevent Consignment Grouping against a Customer

'I never want consignments to group for this customer automatically'

From within the Customer Transport Settings, you can disable Automatic Consignment Grouping on Manifest Import by disabling the below setting;

Prevent Consignment Grouping by Address

'I don't want Consignments to automatically group for this specific address'

From within More>Addresses search for your desired address. Once found please select Edit. At the bottom of the following page you will be able to disable the below setting;

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