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Consignment Fields in the Web App

Consignment Fields are used on manually adding a consignment to determine what quantities of each item make up the consignment. 

Also, on viewing any consignment the values for the Consignment Fields are displayed to the user (see below, "Setting > Name"". Additionally, consignment fields can relate to charging.

Consignment Fields in the Mobile Apps

Within the CartonCloud Mobile Apps, drivers will be informed about the items making up each consignment on various screens throughout the app.
In the job lists, the short names for Consignment Fields are used to give a quick overview over a consignment’s items. The same applies for the Consignment Details view.

In the “Record POD” screen, all available Consignment Fields can be viewed, with the corresponding expected value if applicable (e.g. Cartons and “4”) to allow the driver to record a successful POD as well as any discrepancies noticed on delivery or pickup. Similarly, when lodging an error that requires more details about specific items, the Consignment Fields will be displayed, e.g. for the “Goods Rejected By Receiver” error screen.

Adding / Removing / Editing Consignment Fields

Consignment fields are part of tenant settings, therefore you will have to get in touch with CartonCloud should you require a change for these fields (adding a field, removing a field from the Mobile App etc). Administrators do not have access to these settings within the CartonCloud Web App.
Settings that can be changed for Consignment Fields include:

Namee.g. "Carton"

The full name for the custom field as it is displayed on the Consignment Add and Detail view.


Short Namee.g. "CTN"The short name for the custom field is used throughout the Web and Mobile App wherever space is limited, e.g. in table headers (see below, "Show in Headings").
TypeInteger, Decimal or TextDefines the input type for the custom field.
Show in HeadingsYes / No

Display the custom fields short name on index page headers, e.g. in the Consignments view.


Show in AppYes / NoDecides whether the custom field will be displayed within the Mobile App or not.
EnableYes / NoEnable / Disable the custom field.
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