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CartonCloud allows you to change allocated date of Purchase Order. It is designed to remedy minor mistakes in the process (e.g. the Purchase Order arrived on Friday and you could not process it until next Monday). Moving the allocated date too much could seriously impact your invoice calculation.

Step-by-step guide

  1. At the Purchase Order verification stage, you can allocate some of the products and come back later to allocate the rest, so the allocated date is bound to the products and each product could have a different allocated date, on the Purchase Order view page you can find the allocated date range, most of the time it is a single date.

  2. Clicking the "Change allocated date" button brings up a modal box

  3. Choose the new date by clicking the text field in the modal box. The date selection range is restricted because:
    • Someone might create a new Sale Order from this Purchase Order on the same day, so you can not allocate the purchase order to a future date.
    • There might be some Sale Orders already created from this Purchase Order in the past, so you can not allocate the purchase order to a date after Sale Order is packed.
    • If you have moved some Purchase Order Products to other warehouse locations in the past, the system would have depleted the original Purchase Order Products and created new ones for the new warehouse locations, hence you can not change the allocated date to be later than that date you moved the Products in the past.

  4.  There is also the option shown on the change date screen above, which defaults to only changing original Purchase Order products - what this means is that it will change all pallets and products that were created at the time of receiving the Purchase Order, if stock is split (e.g. new pallets are split off and created), then they have a new allocated date as at the time the user created them in the system. To change those pallets as well from the Purchase Order, unselect the box and then the Allocated Date will change for all other non-original pallets as well. i.e. all the stock that was created downstream from the originals as well, effectively updating everything on the Purchase Order to the new Allocated Date.

  5. When you click "Update" button, it should update all the original Purchase Order Products (excluding the ones created by reallocation) 


6. The date change could affect the invoice, in order to trigger the invoice recalculation, go to the invoice view page and make sure it is in "Draft" status, and click the Storage Periods tab, tick all the items and click the "Recalculate" button at the bottom.