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Try out our brand new Knowledge Base V2!
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Knowledge Base Update!

We are excited to be able to update you on something that we have been working on behind the scenes. We are making some big changes to the Knowledge Base to improve the content and user interface to make it easier for all our users. 

The new and improved Knowledge Base is available here for early access.

Check out our latest video "Knowledge Base Update" which provides an overview of the new and improved user interface.

CartonCloud Ideas Portal

One of the biggest challenges when developing software is how best you can receive, manage and communicate updates for all the ideas people share on how to make the solution better. Here at CartonCloud, we are no different.

To ensure we do the best possible job of addressing this challenge we are releasing a new “Ideas Portal”. It is a space where suggestions on how we can improve CartonCloud can be shared, voted on and enhanced through community comments. This input and feedback will assist us in identifying the improvements of our application that users need the most, and will promote the prioritisation of new functionality based on the volume of customer support.

CartonCloud Ideas Portal (click here for instructions)

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