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Looking for a fun, challenging career on the Gold Coast? We're always on the lookout for more people to join our team. Check out our available roles below, or get in contact if you think you have what it takes to work here.

Why work with us?

CartonCloud is rapidly expanding due to achieving year-on-year growth in excess of 100%.

What you can expect from us

A quiet, but intense and challenging environment. Our CEO and staff work incredibly hard, and incredibly quickly. The team leads here are 10xr's and we're not willing to compromise on anything less from the staff they manage.

We have sizeable equity options with key staff members to further engagement and ensure they have some skin in the game. However, these are only discussed after we've been able to determine someones aptitude and ability to accept responsibility (responsibility ownership is a key metric here).

We offer competitive salaries and are based in the Gold Coast and have nice offices based in Burleigh Heads.

We're growing really quickly. The company you join today will be very different from the company in 6 months time (just ask any staff member who was here 6 months ago).

We encourage people to talk about, and laugh about their mistakes. We have cookie jar that names go in if you make a mistake that's deemed worthy - then on Friday we draw out one lucky winner. Most of the time it's the CEO who gets drawn as he makes more mistakes than anyone else.

Overall, it's a tough gig, but we all have fun putting in the work. We laugh about the mistakes, post a constant stream of memes on our slack channels, eat lunch together and do things on Fridays like head down to the beach and play Volleyball, put on an afternoon BBQ, bring in a Masseuse or sit down in the downstairs den and watch the Silicon Valley TV show together over a beer. Obviously we don't play volleyball every week, but we try to get out to celebrate the milestones.

Not on the Gold Coast? Consider relocating!

  • Beaches, rainforest and sunshine all year round
  • Affordable property market and lower cost of living than the major cities
  • Family-friendly environment with high-class schools and universities
  • Endless choice of outdoor activities

Right now we're not looking to take on any developers who are working remotely. We want the core team to be under one roof to keep things moving ahead at the fastest pace possible.

What kit will I get when I join?

  • Macbook Pro 13, 15 or a comparable Windows laptop if you prefer (ie: HP Spectre, Dell XPS 13 etc), carry case, additional charger etc.
  • Another 2 x 27" UHD monitors (we're all rocking the 3-screen setup).
  • Steelseries 9H headset
  • Very comfortable chair

What software do we use?

Our software architecture is documented publicly here: Software Architecture

All devs use:

  • Vagrant
  • Git / GitHub
  • JIRA / Confluence
  • Postman

PHP Devs stack / software applications:

  • PHPStorm or IntelliJ
  • LAMP - Linux (via Vagrant), PHP5, MYSQL, Apache
  • CakePHP 2.X as our underlying framework
  • Node.js
  • React w/ Reflux
  • PHP Unit

iOS Devs stack / software applications:

  • Xcode
  • Objective-C
  • React Native
  • SQL lite

Android Devs stack / software applications:

  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • React Native
  • SQL lite

How to apply for a role with us

To apply for any role with us, please email your Cover Letter and CV to:

Roles Available



  • Minimum requirement: Degree in Accounting, Finance or Economics.

  • 7-10 years experience in finance industry having worked in audit, managing a team and being part of consulting or transaction services.

  • Potentially have come from a strong financial background and had the opportunity to have worked in a startup and understand what’s required in terms of both financial and performance/commercial metrics.

  • Ability to work with the leadership team to drive the necessary commercial/performance metrics and undertake all financial & governance requirements for the board.

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written + verbal).

  • Ideally: Prior experience working in a venture-backed startup / scaleup.

  • Experience in M&A

Most of all though, we are looking for someone who is driven, adaptable and willing to learn.

The role

At present we have no CFO. Our CEO handles this responsibility and needs to delegate (hence the role!). Day to day bookkeeping and end of month journals, payroll etc are handled by our office administrator. She may ask our external accountant for assistance on particular things - but reports directly into the CEO.

Key responsibilities which will be taken on by CFO:

  • Reporting directly to the CEO, take responsibility for the financial, legal and regulatory side of things off the CEO.

  • Assume ownership and responsibility over the company’s financial performance..

  • Setting and monitoring departmental budgets.

  • Handling the regulatory side of the business - working with lawyers to ensure legal documents are correct (funding, insurance, terms of service, etc) and that documents are filed correctly with ASIC, ATO etc.

  • Involvement in pricing strategy with the leadership team.  

  • Creating, measuring and reporting on financial KPIs. 12-month rolling forecasts, developing budgets (and measures) to provide financial structure to the leadership team and their relevant divisions.

  • Preparation of all financial reporting, leading year-end audit, R&D submission, grants, working with accountant to submit BAS, PAYG, End of Year etc.

  • Working with the CEO and Board on longer term business and financial planning.  Involving working on additional capital raising and/or M&A activities.

Don't suit our currently advertised roles?

Get in contact with us, let us know what you do, what you want to do, and why you think you'd be great here.
We're always on the lookout for great people to join our team regardless of their experience.

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