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This article will cover how to enable/disable the map view for Bulk Allocation and the controls when using the Map View interface.

Enabling and Disabling the Map View in Bulk Allocation

The Map View can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the box for Bulk Allocation Map Enabled in the Organisation Settings. To do this:

  1. In Search for anything at the top of the screen type in "Organisation Settings" and click the result that appears
  2. Click on the Features and Options tab of the Organisation Settings screen
  3. Check the box for "Bulk Allocation Map Enabled"
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page

If you refresh or navigate to the Bulk Allocation screen the Map View will now be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Map View Controls

This section will detail the controls for using the Map View. You will first need to search for some Consignments using the search fields at the top of the screen. See here for how to do this.

Once you have some Consignments you can start using the Map View. Consignments will appear as red dots on the Map View. See the image below:

To move around the map, click and hold the left mouse button and then move the mouse around until you can see the area you wish to view. When you click and hold the mouse button down the hand cursor will appear to grab something. This indicates you are moving the map around.

Once you have moved to the place you wish to select Consignments simply click a red dot on the map to select a single Consignment. When selecting a single Consignment an information popup will appear after clicking the red dot as shown below. To close this popup click the "X" icon in the top right corner of the popup.

To select additional Consignments hold the left CTRL button on the keyboard and click the desired red dot using the left mouse button. Please note that not holding control when clicking on a red dot with other Consignments selected will result in the previously selected Consignments being deselected.

If you hold the Shift Key and Left Click and Hold and drag across the map a box will be drawn. Any Consignments that are inside the box will get selected. Please note that once you have drawn a box any additional selections will need to be done using CTRL and Left Click.

NOTE: If you let go of the Shift Key before the Mouse Button the box will stay visible on the map. If you then hold down the Shift Key again and Click and Hold the Left Mouse Button on the boundary of the box you will be able to move the box in the direction you are dragging the mouse. To make the adjusted selection work let go of the Mouse Button before the Shift Key.

In addition, if you have a box visible on the map and wish to move the map so that another location becomes visible you will need to hold down the CTRL Key and then Click and Hold the Left Mouse Button and move the mouse to move the map without losing your current selections.

Map Control Summary

N/AClick & Hold Left Mouse Button + Move MouseAllows user to move the mapThe user is able to move to different parts of the map so that jobs can be selected and allocated
N/ALeft Click on Red DotSelects single ConsignmentShows an information popup and selects the corresponding consignment in the action tables above the map
N/ACTRL + Left Click on Red DotSelects additional ConsignmentsOnce a single Consignment has been selected you must hold down CTRL when clicking on other red dots to selected additional Consignments
N/ASHIFT + Click & Hold Left Mouse Button + Move MouseDraws a box on the map that selects any Consignments within the boundariesDrawing a box across an area will result in any Consignments within that boxes' boundaries being selected
While Selection Box is visible on MapCTRL + Click & Hold Left Mouse Button + Move MouseMove the map while a Selection Box is visible without losing previous Consignment selectionsIf a Selection Box has been drawn on the map but you wish to adjust the map view so that you can see a new location in order to extend the existing Selection Box to the location or to make additional manual selections, You will need to hold down the CTRL Key while moving the mouse. NOTE: If you Click & Hold Left Mouse Button without first pressing the CTRL Key then any previous selections will be lost.

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