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Some products may require other products stored in the Warehouse to be built. An example of this would be a dining set. To build a dining set you might need one table top, 4 table legs and 6 chairs. These would be separate products stored in the same Warehouse. The Bill of Materials feature allows you to create a product that has other products linked to it. This is perfect for creating the dining set mentioned above.

Creating a Bill of Material Product

To create a Bill of Material Product, first create a new Product like you normally would through the Add Product screen. Once the Product is created navigate to the Bill of Materials tab.

This section will focus on the left panel which is the actual Bill of Materials that will be used to construct the product. Building Bill of Material Products is covered in the next section. 

To add a new Product to the Bill of Materials table, first search for the product you wish to add using the Search for a Product field and select the appropriate result. Next enter the quantity of that product that you want to use in the Bill of Materials. Once you have selected and product and set a quantity greater than zero you can click the green '+' button to add the row to the Bill of Materials table. The example below uses the dining set example mentioned at the start of this article. Once you have added the desired products to the Bill of Materials, click the Save button under the Bill of Materials table.

Updating a Bill of Materials

You can change the products or quantities that make up the Bill of Materials whenever you wish. To change the Product you can either:

  1. Delete the existing row of the Product you no longer want to use then add a new Product as described in the Creating a Bill of Materials Product section above OR
  2. Search for the different Product using the select field that the product you no longer want to use currently occupies and select the new Product.

To update the quantities that are currently used in the Bill of Materials simply update the amount for the Product.

Both of the above operations will require you to click the green Save button again to update the Bill of Materials.

Building a Bill of Material Product

Once you have constructed the Bill of Materials you can create the Product using the Bill of Materials. The right panel of the Bill of Materials tab is for this purpose. To do this enter the quantity of the Product that you wish to generate from the Bill of Materials and click the green Build button.

You will notice that as you change the value in the Quantity To Create field that the Used and Remaining column values will update. The Used column tracks the amount of stock that will be "consumed" by building the Products from the Bill of Materials. The Used value is represented by the amount in the Quantity To Create field multiplied by the value in the One column The Remaining column tracks what stock will be available after you click the Build button. The Remaining value is represented by the Available column value minus the Used column value.

To summarise the table values:

  • Product - the Product's name
  • One = the Quantity that you save against the Product Name in the Bill of Materials table
  • Available = The available stock based on the Minimum Purchase Order Product Status in the Warehouse Management tab of the Customer settings for the Customer that the Product belongs to
  • Used = Quantity To Create x One
  • Remaining = Available - Used

Once you click the Build button, an adjustment Sale Order is created which contains the Used column value for each of the Products in the Bill of Materials. For the above example this would result in an adjustment Sale Order containing the following Sale Order Products:

  • Table Top x 5
  • Table Leg x 20
  • Chair x 30

This requisitions the stock required for constructing the Dining Sets so that it cannot be allocated to other Sale Orders.

An Adjustment Purchase Order is also created containing the number of Bill of Materials Products that you set in the Quantity To Create field. For the above example there would be an Adjustment Purchase Order containing the following Product:

  • Dining Set x 5

This purchase order represents the constructed Dining Sets which are now available to be added to manually created Sale Orders.

The references of the Adjustment Sale Order and Purchase Order will be the same and will have the format: "Build - (the products name) (date of time of the first Build). For the example of this article it would be "Build - Dining Set 2017-09-25 11:01:23"

Please note that clicking the Build button multiple times will add Bill of Material Products to the existing adjustment Sale and Purchase Orders instead of generating new orders for every Build process.

Clearing a Bill of Materials

To clear a Bill of Materials click the red Clear Bill button. This will empty the Bill of Materials table.

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