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Run Sheets are created automatically when allocating and are used to allocate Consignments to a driver and vehicle. In the allocating process using the screens shown in linked pages, you are looking for buttons called Allocate or Move. Both can be used to allocate consignments to drivers or swap current allocations around. 

There are two ways of creating Run Sheets:

  1. Bulk Allocation
  2. Directly from Delivery Runs

Important Information about Allocating

  • To allow a driver to see a consignment and get an electronic POD - all that's required is the consignment allocated to that drivers name.
  • Drivers are created through the Users process and must be marked as a Driver to be allocated to and for Mobile App access.
  • Vehicles are a further add-on that can be assigned as part of the allocating process for a truck,trailer etc.

Links to further detailed reading

Please click on the links below for further information relating to this or follow the links via the menu on the left.

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