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Adhoc charges make it possible to load in customised charges for things like Demurrage (Waiting Time), Hand Unload, Labelling, and other adhoc work that is performed.

Adhoc charges are created across the entire organisation, and then adjusted (rates set) within each of your customer charges.
These prices can then be further tweaked within the Sale Orders, Purchase Orders, Consignments and Run Sheets that use them.

Comparison between Adhoc Charges and Manual Charges

Adhoc ChargesManually Created Charges
Predefined prices, so staff entering in figures don't need to know rates - these are calculated automatically.Staff entering the charge must know the rates to be charged.
Adhoc charges are considered Automatic Charges, which means that Charge Errors are never generated when using them.Manually created charges will always generate a Charge Error as CartonCloud doesn't know how they should be implemented along-side Automatic Charges.
Adhoc charges are really fast to add, just type in the quantity and press Save.Manual charges require going between 2 screens - one where the charge is added, and then back to the original screen again.
(coming soon) - Existing charges such as 'Container Unload', 'Pallets Received' etc will be migrated over as Adhoc Charges, and then setup so the user is prompted to enter them when an order finishes being packed etc.

View and Change Existing Adhoc Charges

We've created a couple of example Adhoc Charges within your account. To check these out go to : More -> Site Map -> Adhoc Charges (under Invoicing Section). Or go to Search Anything and type Adhoc Charges.

From here you can see the Adhoc Charges related with each object (Consignment, Sale Order, Purchase Order and Run Sheet):

To make changes simply click on the Edit Button:

Here's what each field means:

NameThe name of the Adhoc ChargeLabelling Fees
Charge Class(included for compatibility with all other charges) The 'Class' of the charge. This displays on the Charges section of the webpage so it is easy to tell what the charge relates to. We recommend keeping it the same as the Name field.Labelling Fees
Question Type

The type of input that will be shown when entering adhoc charge data.

There are currently three options:

  • Text Box - Applies a simple quantity x rate calculation.
  • Timer - Calculated as minutes x rate.
  • Sliding Scale - Allows for tiered charging structures.
Text Box
RateThe rate per adhoc charge. Total charge is calculated as quantity x rate, where quantity can be specified on each individual charge.1.99
Description TemplateTo fill out the charge description so that the detail calculation appears on the invoice, a template is used to automatically insert things such as Quantity, Unit Price, and Total. This can be customised to match what you're charging.Labelling Fees -- price calculated as %ChargeQuntity% x $%ChargeUnitPrice% = $%ChargeTotal%

Create a new Adhoc Charge:

Creating a new Adhoc charge is simple, just click the 'Add New Charge' button provide a name for the adhoc charge, select the type of adhoc charge from the Question Type drop-down menu and provide the rate and click save.

Bulk Update of Adhoc Charges

To update all adhoc charges quickly, there is a facility to export all Adhoc charges to a file, make the required changes and then import the changes. 

Refer to the above table for information on what each of the fields are used for. 

Mobile Apps Support for Adhoc Charges

The CartonCloud mobile app supports Adhoc Charges for Consignments as well as Run Sheets, read more about this feature here: Submitting Adhoc Charges

Configure Customer-Specific Rates for each of the Adhoc Charges

By default, the base rate set within the Adhoc Charge will be applied to all customers, however you can also tweak this by simply going into the relevent Customer Charges, and clicking into the 'Adhoc Charges' Tab:

To make changes to the rate applied to this Customer Charge, again - simply click Edit.

Now, the default rate applied to this Adhoc Charge for all future Sale Orders will be the rate setup.
However, you can also configure the rate specifically for each Sale Order if you like - this can be done directly within the Sale Order itself.

Customer Specific Consignment Adhoc Charges

For Customer Specific Consignment Adhoc Charges there is an additional option to set the fuel levy. This enables you to over-ride the default setting to either turn it on or off for a specific customer. 

Applying Adhoc Charges

In this example we apply a labelling fee to a Sale Order.
Begin by simply going to the Charges tab within the Sale Order itself.

By default it loads in the customer-specific rate, however you're also free to change it if you wish:

Now, when the automated charges are calculated, you'll see that the Labelling Fees have been applied:

These then show on the Invoice Summary as a Misc charge: