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Warehouse Locations can either be added one-by-one through the web interface, in bulk via the web interface, or through upload from CSV file.

Adding Warehouse Locations via the Web Interface

First, added the Add Single Warehouse Location page from Warehouse → Warehouse Locations, Add Single Warehouse Location

Refer to:  Warehouse Location Fields for information on what each field means.

Adding Warehouse Locations in Bulk via the Web Interface

You can add "Single Pallet" Warehouse Locations in bulk via the Web-Interface, this is really useful if you're wanting to produce a whole Row of Locations in one click. (for example, A-01-01 to A-10-04, which is a total of 40 locations, ie: A-01-01. A-01-02, A-01-03, A-01-04 ... A-10-01, A-10-02, A-10-03, A-10-04)

NOTE: If you are printing labels with Warehouse Location Labels, the total number of characters that can be used in the Warehouse Location Name is 14. For Location names that require more than 14 characters, labels will need to be printed manually

From here, simply enter in the Start Bay, Levels and (optionally) Depth to have CartonCloud generate them all generate:

Adding Warehouse Locations via Export / Import

Before adding a location via Import, we recommend always creating at lease one location via the web-interface so it's easy-to-follow how the import template works.

Start by Exporting your Warehouse Locations:

From here, simply add your new locations into the template, making sure to leave the id column blank on all new records (as CartonCloud tries to override existing records if an id is provided)

Save the file, and then import it back into CartonCloud:

The new locations will then be created

Received an error when importing your Locations? Check out this nifty tip from Tony!

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