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  • Default Service Type for Pick Up Consignments - For users who pick up a manifest of consignments from your customers and use the pickup consignment feature, we have added the ability to set the service type for those pickup consignments. This is a great help as it ensures you can set up your rates to charge off this service type and also allows you to easily identify these consignments using this field. For more information please Click Here.
  • Updates to Stock Allocation - We have made some tweaks to improve stock allocation on sale orders to group multiple picks of the same product with the same attributes by location. We have also added a flag for customers who capture expiry dates, however, do not want the stock allocation to use expiry dates in the logic. This is most common for a product with long expiry dates that are relatively quick-moving and therefore it isn't as important as picking efficiency. For more information please Click Here
  • QR Code and Signature Overlays - We have recently added functionality for users to better control the placement of QR codes and the POD signature on your Customers' paperwork. For more details please Click Here for QR Codes and Click Here for Signature overlay.
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.
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