Blog from April, 2020

In a response to a world-wide issue with Google Maps, affecting all mobile apps using integrated Google Maps components, we released a hotfix version of our Android app, allowing users to continue using the app without experiencing a crash.

This fix temporarily disables the map preview usually shown on the Details tab of a consignment in Delivering mode. No other functionality is affected.

Once a recommended longterm fix has been confirmed by Google, we will implement this into our app and re-enable the map preview for consignments.

Thanks for your understanding!

Release 102
  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.

  • Wave Picking by Run Sheet is now supported in the CartonCloud iOS app.
  • You can now pull down the consignment / sale order / purchase order / wave pick lists to refresh the data shown.


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements
Release 101
  • Consignment Grouping: For clients using the system with Consignment Items, we have added the ability to charge multiple consignments as a group, rather than as individual consignments. This functionality was available already for clients using the system without Consignment Items. For further details on how to group consignments for Invoicing purposes, click here.

  • Automation Report & Dashboard Link: Provides users with insight into their current, and previous weeks Automation Levels.
  • Sale Order's Explain Picking Charges:  A new "Explain" button has been added on the "Item Charge Data" section within Sale Orders. This allows you to view how picking charges were calculated and is particularly important when trying to explain how picking charges such as  "Intelligent Charge Pallet Picks" were applied.
  • Drag + Drop documents onto Consignments. - From the View Consignment page, you can now drag and drop invoice files to attach to consignments - this can be done from any tab, you don't need to be on the "invoices" tab.
  • Parsing Log Improvements - API Requests / Responses are now tracked in the parsing log. The layout for table data and also other data types has also been improved to make it much more readable.

  • Performance improvements and other minor bug fixes.