Blog from June, 2019

1.6.5 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Improved labels text for Scan Move
  • Added background highlighting for Point To Point delivery consignments in job list. More info on the consignment list here.
  • Bug fixes & additional improvements
Release 80

Adhoc Charges on Sales Orders

  • Sale order packlist xls now displays adhoc charges (optional).
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Barcode on Consignment Note

  • Consignment notes now support barcodes.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Purchase Order Document Template

  • New document template - purchase order verification template which can be downloaded on the purchase order screen or sent via email when a purchase order is verified.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 
1.6.4 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Bug fixes & improvements
1.6.3 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

We have been working on some improvements to the UI of the CartonCloud app and will be introducing these changes in stages.
Or aim is to make the app easier to use and to keep the interface clean and modern. We're excited to be revealing these changes over the next few updates!

Check out our blog article on the upcoming UI changes:

Also: Bug fixes & improvements

Release 79

Android Scan Move

  • Added the ability to move items in the warehouse between locations with a simple scan.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Scan Serial Number

  • Scan serial numbers against products in the warehouse, improving picking accuracy on the floor.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

Invoicing Sums

  • Renamed the 'Recalculate All Totals' button on the Invoice Page.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements. 

  • Ability to add Parser File Types
  • Enhanced FieldMapper in bolts to allow for Products.