Blog from November, 2018

  • Added ability to see Parsing Logs from files processed via FTP.
  • Sale Order Notification emails only display Adhoc Charges which are set on the Sale Order.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
  • Various bug fixes & improvements
Release 20
  • Updated Purchase Order Parsing Logs to include references
  • Various Bug fixes and improvements.
1.5.14 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Bug fixes & improvements
4.3 (Mobile Apps - Android)

Say ‘Hello’ to Scan Picking & Packing on Android!

One of our most exciting & highly requested features is now available within the CartonCloud Android app. For users that have been assigned a Picker role from within the CartonCloud web app there’s a new user mode available - “Picking”. Simply choose this mode on login or switch to it from the main slide-in menu. And if you’re only a picker, not a driver, no need to switch, you’ll be automatically redirected to Picking mode.

See all pickable Sale Orders, open one & start packing. Simply scan product barcodes or warehouse locations (using a connected bluetooth scanner if you are not using a device with an integrated scanner) to either filter the Sale Order’s product list or immediately confirm you’ve packed a product. Once done, finish packing and move on to the next Sale Order! Or just save your progress and continue packing later.

  • Scan Picking & Packing functionality added: Scan Picking
  • Support for multiple user modes: User Modes
  • Updated messaging
  • Bug fixes and improvements