Blog from October, 2018

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  • Bug fixes
  • Sale Order parsers now support cross-customer picking, when it is enabled.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.
1.5.13 (Mobile Apps - iOS)
  • Updated UI for push notification drop-down messages
  • Fixed issues with serial number scanning on pick
  • Fixed bug triggering additional barcode scan for Linea Pro scanning devices

Bug fixes & improved app stability.

1.5.12 (Mobile Apps - iOS)

Sale orders can now be filtered by ship date. Simply select the filter button in the sale order list and choose a ship date (or date range) to filter by!

For more information check out this article: Ship Date Filter


  • Native support for IPC Linea Pro Barcode Scanners
  • Improved display of product details on purchase order product list
  • Updated messaging
  • Improved adhoc charge view on sale order pick
  • Fixed issues with location access
  • Fixed issue with run sheet adhoc charge button not appearing in job list
  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Added Adhoc charges to Sale Order Notification Emails.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.