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We are excited to announce that work has commenced on our new API and have a lot of great plans for it.

The API will be a JSON based REST API and will utilise OAuth2 for authentication.

Please continue to check back on this page for updates. 

What end points are currently being built

Eventually we want to be able to cover all core operations through the API, the following end points have been identified as most critical and will be worked on in the initial phase

Inbound (Purchase) OrderStatus Change Notification WebhookReleased 0.382.0 - Sep 2018
Outbound (Sale) OrderStatus Change Notification WebhookReleased 0.382.0 - Sep 2018


Status Change Notification WebhookWork in Progress

Inbound (Purchase) OrderCreate APIWork in Progress
Outbound (Sale) OrderCreate APIPlanning
ConsignmentCreate APIPlanning
Inbound (Purchase) OrderGet Details API (single order by id)Planning
Outbound (Sale) OrderGet Details API (single order by id)Planning
ConsignmentGet Details API (single consignment by id)Planning
Inbound (Purchase) OrderQuery / Search APIOn Roadmap
Outbound (Sale) OrderQuery / Search APIOn Roadmap
ConsignmentQuery / Search APIOn Roadmap
Stock ReportGet Current Stock API (single product)On Roadmap
Stock ReportGet Current Stock API (search product)On Roadmap

The end points to be worked on after the above are currently being planned out and will be listed here as they are decided.

How do I get more information about the end points

Documentation on the end points will generally be released ahead of the end points themselves (subject to some minor changes).

As such you should be able to review and start planning out your development work.

Documentation for currently available and planned API endpoints can can be found here

When will it be available

We will be gradually releasing API end points as they become ready, with our tenants on the beta testing program gaining access first.

How can I access the API

If you are interested in using the new API, please fill out this expression of interest form, so we can reach out to you when all of the API end point you need are ready.

You should also discuss with your on-boarder about other integration options which may be suitable and can be implemented immediately.

Additional details about integration options are on the page Integration with other Software

Legacy API

Why are we replacing the Legacy API

There were a number of limitations with our legacy API that we are trying to improve on.

Some these will result in significant changes, so in order to preserve current behaviour for people already using the legacy APIs, we are developing a new set of end points for people to migrate onto.

A few of the key improvements being made are

  • Improved authentication and access control
    • Currently can only grant access to the entire tenancy and not able to give selective customer access
  • Improved performance and robustness
  • Increased functionality
    • Currently there are many operations that cannot be performed through the API
  • Simplified data model and representation
  • Improved error messages and validation

What has happened to the Legacy API

We will continue to support the legacy API for tenants who are already using it. Although, support for will be discontinued at some point in the future, no final dates have been set yet.

The documentation has been removed from the public website, as want to ensure that anyone starting to build new integrations with it now are aware of the plans and other options available to them first.

For other integration options please refer to Integration with other Software

Setting up Client for API access

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